A Brief List of Beginner Pilate Exercises Available

by : Muna wa Wanjiru

Pilate exercises are simple and safe to practice. They require no stress. You can do them easily. Pilate exercises will improve the core strength and stability of your body. It will also improve mind relaxation. The list of beginner Pilate exercises are as follows:

1. Angel arms; this is one of the Pilate warm up exercises. This will help you to understand the relationship between shoulders and arm with back and rib cage. This exercise will help improving core stabilization, awareness etc. You can practice angel arms by lying on the back first. Then bend your knees. Leave the shoulders when you inhale. Then sweep the arms when you exhale. While doing this exercise imagine that energy is flowing through your finger tips. This exercise will require only 5 minutes performing.

2. C curve; this is another simple Pilate exercise. You have to deepen the scoop of abdomen here. Sit on your knees first and then place your hands behind the knees. Make sure that the knees and feet touch the floor. Take few deep relaxed breathes. The c curve position is practiced in number of Pilate exercises. If you learn this basic exercise, it will be easier for you to perform advanced exercises later. You should remember that you are feeling c curve in your body while doing this. That means your back will be in c shape. However at any situation do not collapse your body. Always remember to coordinate your body with mind.

3. Imprinting; Imprinting is yet another basic and simple Pilate exercise. Begin imprinting by lying on your back. Place arms on your sides. Slightly bend the knees. Then relax your shoulders, jaws and throat. Then relax your abdomen and rib cage. Relax your spine and hips and then legs. See the imprint in your mind's eye. Do this at least for 5 to 6 counts. Take relaxed breathing while doing this exercise. This will provide you deep relaxation to your mind and body.

4. Neutral spine; this is a very important Pilate exercise to get body alignment. Lie on your back with slightly bent knees. Then place the legs in a parallel position. Ensure that the toes are pointing directly towards hips. Relax all parts of the body. Breathe deeply and imagine that there is a cup of water in your lower abdomen. Take few deep relaxed breathes. Do this only on an exercise mat.

5. Pelvic Clock; this is also an important Pilate exercise. Here you will feel that the pelvis move an inch in all directions. First lie on your back and the n bend your knees. Touch the floor with your feet. Place the legs in a parallel position. Relax your neck and back. Then bring your hands together as if your fingers touch with one another. Make sure that the thumbs in the hand touch. This will help you to get a feeling that the pelvis is moving a little. Imagine that there is a clock in your abdomen. Place your hands in 12 O clock positions. Take time to breathe freely.

All Pilate exercises are simple to understand and follow. You can do them by yourself. As they are safe, you can practice them even if you do not have any practice in conventional work outs also.