How to Do Free Pilates at Home

by : Muna wa Wanjiru

Free Pilates are easy to practice. They will offer wonderful benefits to the performer. They will help prevent injuries and they will improve the range of motion of body. They will improve the core strength and muscle flexibility. Free Pilates play an important role in giving relaxation to the mind. They help in proper alignment of body. You can get good posture by practicing them. Women can get slim thighs and flat abs by doing Free Pilates. There are many free Pilate exercises. You can do them with the help of a physical trainer.

Free Pilate exercises can be done comfortably at home. All you need is an exercise mat which will give more flexibility while doing exercises. Free Pilate mat exercises are useful to get more relaxation. Relaxation Pilate exercise is as follows:

Lie in the relaxation posture. Use a comfortable mat to lie on it. Support your head with the help of a folded towel. Keep your knees and legs in line with your hips. Place hands on abdomen and take deep breaths.

Raise your shoulders when you breathe in and lower the shoulders when you breathe out. Say to yourself that there is no tension from my toes. Repeat these exercises until you get full relaxation. You can do this at any time you want to get relaxation.

Pelvic neutral is another free Pilate exercise. Lie on the relaxation posture first. Remember not to push your pelvis while doing this. Imagine there is a clock attached in front of the pelvis. Look forward the face of the clock. Take few deep breathes. Then come back to the central of your pelvis. Feel a small arch in your back. Relax yourself and get the feeling of pelvis neutral.

Pilate breathing exercises are more important. Proper breathing itself can cure a number of diseases. Hence Pilates focuses more on correct breathing. You can do these exercises daily to get rid of many diseases.

Breathing exercises; sit in a chair. Your back should be in full support. Think spine is lengthening upward. Place your left hand in the left rib cage. Place your right hand in solar plexus. Try two different styles of breathing now.

Breathe slowly and deeply. You can see that your front portion of abdomen moves slightly while doing this breathing exercise. This will help you to get more relaxation. You can do this at any time you want. You can practice them even if you are in office. It will take some few minutes to practice this daily. But it will help you to get more benefits.

Joseph Pilates the founder of Pilates exercise was suffering from asthma while he was a child. Hence he had developed the Pilate style breathing exercises which will help to get relief from asthma and other respiratory disorders. This is slightly different from yoga. However both of them will help you to get benefits. As these techniques are simple, it is easy to teach small children also. Therefore children suffering from respiratory diseases can practice these techniques to lead a healthy life.