How to Do Free Pilate Work Outs

by : Muna wa Wanjiru

Pilate work outs are safe and effective. Even a beginner can start doing these exercises. Pilate's system focuses on increasing flexibility and strength. Some of the free Pilate work outs are as follows:

1. Overhead leg Handstand; Start by lying face up and then bring your legs up to a 45 degree angle. Then slowly bring them behind your head and then stabilize your arms. Now bring your legs to the middle and extend your lower body.

2. Roll out: Back stretch; Lie on your stomach in the exercise mat. Start in a ball position with arms in the ground. Your knees and chest must touch the floor. Then stretch your back and then return to the starting position. You must remember to do this exercise very slowly.

3. One leg raises; Lie on your back. Start by raising one of your legs. Raise it straight over the body in ninety degrees. Then lower your leg. Ensure that your leg did not touch the floor. Return to the starting position. You can also raise the leg and try to roll in circles. This will help activating your oblique.

4. Bicycle kick; Lie on your back. Start raising your leg on 45 degrees. Now bring the other leg in tight to your body. Then hold your knee with your hands. Slightly twist the knees in either side. If you area an advanced exerciser, then you can make it somewhat difficult by raising knee tight to the chest. You can do this up to the count of two.

5. Open leg Roll over; Lie on your back and the raise both of legs up to 45 degrees. Then tighten your abs and then raise the legs behind your head. Open your legs and then return to the starting position. This is slightly difficult to perform and hence you can avoid this if you area a beginner.

6. Double leg Roll over; this exercise is similar to the above. But start doing this in a sitting position. Then raise your legs while balancing your burn. It must be in V shape. Then lower your torso and roll back to the balanced position. This is very difficult to perform. However this can be done by practice.

7. Leg kicks; Take pike position. Start by twisting the legs slightly. Then bring your leg behind your body. Then bring it to forward. This exercise can be done in number of different ways. You can make circles or you can avoid using straight legs.

Free Pilate exercise can be done in number of ways. A single leg stretch exercise is very easy to perform. A beginner can also do this. Pilate's relaxation exercises can be practiced by athletes and dancers. This will help to get quick relaxation. This will also help to get posture improvement. This will require no stress like conventional work outs. While doing these relaxation exercises, concentrate on breathing in and out. Proper breathing will surely help in leading a healthy life. Isn't it?