The Benefits of Resistance Training You Can Get From Home

by : D Fraser

Similar to using workout machines, or free weights resistance training benefits are the same, and possibly even better. If you're using exercise bands for training then you have the unique benefit that resistance will increase as you push or pull your way through the exercise, not to mention how portable and cost effective they are. What about the health benefits of using resistance training? This article will explore what other benefits beyond cost and space savings resistance training bands can offer you.

Range of activities and Strength increase

When you exercise using resistance training you begin to develop longer muscles, and stronger bones. This doesn't happen over night but little by little it offers you the benefit of of a stronger you. This will help even more as you grow with age, and it allows you to become stronger and withstand more strenuous outdoor or indoor activities.

Lower Body Fat Percentage

Like most exercise routines resistance training burns fat. By increasing your heart rate you burn more calories then when you're just standing still. A second benefit and way to lose weight is that muscle on our bodies burns more calories then fat when we're resting. As we develop more lean muscle on our body from the workouts we're doing we're also increasing the number of daily calories we're able to burn while resting.

Self Confidence Booster

Of course a big benefit of resistance training, and why most people start working out in the first place is an improve personal appearance. Resistance training isn't for bulking up, rather it's a sculpting routine that will elongate and tone muscles. The legs, buttocks, abs and arms can all be firmly shaped and toned with resistance exercises. A better personal appearance can also help us feel better about ourselves and in other areas of our life.

If you're not already using resistance training in your exercise routines you should be. It's a fun and unique form of exercising that can be done from home without expensive equipment, or expensive gym memberships.