Killer Training Sessions Outdoors for Fast Results

by : Brett MacPherson

I have a quick article for you today to get you started towards the body you dream of. When weather is getting warmer, people quickly begin to rush outside after the winter chill.

With nicer weather, it's often a fantastic idea to take your training sessions outside, instead of exercising in a stuff gym. In addition, we don't need to be doing sessions lasting 2 hours to get fantastic muscle toning, metabolic rate boosting training sessions.

Look at this training session you could do in about 10 to 20 minutes, almost anywhere.

There's a park and soccer field just down my street, on a warm day to get a quick training session in, I go for a jog to the field, take a few minutes to stretch and then go through a training session similar to the following without resting in-between exercises this usually only takes me about 10 minutes.

-50, 75, or 100-meter sprints
-hill sprints (if you have a hill nearby)
-variations of a push up
-walking lunge or variations of a lunge
-bodyweight squat or variations
-box jump, squat jump, or lunge jump variations
-pull-ups on the playground equipment
-mountain climbers on ground

Some session's ill pick a couple and alternate through them but other sessions ill simply rotate through all of them in a circuit. I keep the rest periods brief (only about 20-30 seconds) this keeps the intensity very high and maximising the hormonal and metabolic boosting response from the exercising session.

Trust me, this training session if you complete it with minimal rest, will get you a fantastic intense training session in less than 20 minutes allowing you to then go home with more time to enjoy life.

If you are not in your ideal shape right now, you can still use these types of training sessions you just may need to work into it slowly, taking more time to rest. It will be worth your effort, there is nothing like the feeling of exercising outside in the fresh air on a beautiful day, some studies have even showed that some people may actually burn more calories exercising outside than they would indoors. Give it a go!