Hair Extensions Mean Beautiful You!

by : Katie Grea

Darling we have just been invited to the posh-est nightspot ever and I have nothing to wear! What? Oh right, and what on earth do I do with this horrendous hair? No wait, I can cancel. Yeah that's right, it would be embarrassing. So what do I do then? Hair what? Extensions? What are hair extensions? Are kidding! Ok, gotta go, I'm going to find a salon that does them. Then we can go to that big bash!

Hair extensions, even the top of the line ones, (think Great Lengths Hair Extensions) are not permanent. So if you are thinking about fluffing up your current do and adding some spectacular human hair extensions to wow the crowd, go for it girl.

Psssst! Did you know Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Anniston and Elle McPherson use hair extensions? Not that we want to name drop or anything, but really! If they can use them and look great, why can't you?

Ok they can be a bit dear, but heaven's darling, totally worth it. Look at Elle McPherson - I mean honestly. You treat them like your own hair and have maintenance checks about every eight weeks. They're totally matched to your own hair color, cut if needed, blended with your hair and then styled for the final YOU do! By the way you can get hair extensions for volume or for length. Depends on what you want to look like when you are done.

Hair extensions are usually human hair (but not exclusively) and you will have a choice of colors that match, blend or are even different than your own (if you want streaks without the bleaching job). It only takes about an hour to get something totally spectacular done with your hair. So if you want to stand out for your delightful tresses, then consider hair extensions. They are worth their weight in gold. Not to mention the fact that longer hair seems to really act like a dude magnet. I mean honey, they add length to run their fingers through, volume to fluff up and create that drop dead sexy do and that pizzazz extra color.

You know, hair extensions let you change your hair just about as often as you change your mind. Now that can either be a good thing, or really scary! It's like this, bottom line, hair today, gone tomorrow if you don't like it or want to change it. How easy is that?