What is the Best Possible Muscle Building Supplement?

by : Jon Cardozo

Have you ever noticed that in this day and age, most people seem to look for the easy way out? We in our society tend to look for the magic bullet that will take care of all of our problems instantly and without effort. Unfortunately, this rarely works, but most people still persist with this dangerous habit. This leads us to the inevitable Dr. Phil moment: How's that working out for you?

When it comes to building muscle, why should things be any different? Stop it - it just doesn't work. You will almost always be disappointed when looking for the easy way out.

Supplement companies will continue to push the latest and greatest breakthrough pill from now until the cows come home. (By the way, I've always wondered about this expression ' when exactly do the cows come home?) Simply put, don't bother looking for the perfect supplements in some magazine.

Consistency and commitment form the real muscle supplement. If you follow progressive resistance training and a good weight gain diet, you stand a much better chance of success.

Are you a little disappointed with that conclusion? Are you still looking for something that you can spend your money on, something that excites you when you open the tub for the very first time? Well, since you insist, I'll mention a couple of supplements which can be useful to your muscle building efforts. Protein powder can be a great supplement to have because it is very convenient. If you're going to try to build a large amount of muscle, you're going to need a considerable amount of protein in your diet. For example, a common formula given by many is to eat 1.5 g of protein per pound of body weight. It can of course be difficult to consume enough protein without resorting to supplements. Thus, protein powders can provide a great and convenient way to get some extra protein each day.

The second supplement you may want to consider is creatine, a popular supplement trusted by many trainers, which can replenish your energy reserves and allow you to train harder. Of course, this supplement will make little difference if your overall weight training and diet program are not set up properly. This is where following a comprehensive muscle building program can really pay off.