How Does Your Fitness Program Rate?

by : Troy Anderson

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10 Easy Tips for Guaranteed Fat Loss Success

As a personal fitness coach, I find that I spend a good portion of time talking with people and offering advice, suggestions, tips, etc... to them on how accomplish a myriad of goals. Usually pretty basic stuff, like what should I eat, how should I train, how do I reduce my body fat etc... and I find myself giving them all the answers that they need to solve this problem, but many times they still stand there with this look of "is that all" on their face. There are no bells and whistles, secrets potions, required to accomplish your fat loss goals. It's really not as complex as many would make out to be; however it is some what hard because it requires some effort and change. So to make a little easier for all of those searching out solutions, I have come up with my top 10 checklist for: fat loss. The checklist are intended to be a guide line to see if what you have been performing the basic principles required to make positive progress toward your fat loss goals. Enjoy!

Fat Loss Checklist:

1. What, Why, and How: what do you really want, why do you really want it and how badly do you want it. 2. Change is Uncomfortable: this why so many people start and stop fat loss programs, because it is a little uncomfortable to them. By no means am I advocating some torturous and miserable life. However, changing your habits/routines is always a little comfortable, but the thing you have to remember is that it is a change for a better YOU, and that soon these will be your new habits/routines. 3. Drink Water: at least 1oz. /pound of body weight. 4. Ditch the Infomercials and Pills: they are playing on the "I want it now" emotions. Search out find quality information usually your best sources will NOT come from sources are not popularized by the mass media. 5. Leg Warmers and Leotards are Out: limiting your exercise program to strictly aerobic exercise, is not the way to go, if anything this is the fastest way to lose precious muscle, which may look good on a scale but it is a metabolic time bomb in the long run. 6. Consume Iron: I don't mean orally, I mean use the free weights, dumbbells, and cables, etc..., and pretty pastel colored dumbbells don't count. This is bar none the best way to help lose fat, gain strength, and improve the quality of YOUR LIFE. 7. Do Not Starve: If you want to feel miserable and starve, get lost in the desert for a few days. If you want drop some serious amounts of body fat and get in the best shape of your life, quality nutrients are the key, I am talking about. high quality protein like fish, lean beef, chicken etc... all of the vegetables that you can get your hands on and some high quality carbohydrates such as rice, whole wheat, etc.. 8. Count Your Sheep: sleep is one of the best ways not only to recover from your training and the stress of everyday life, but sleep also helps to keep your hormones in balance. If you are not getting enough quality sleep (8 hours per night). Then not only will you be ill prepared for you training, but the rest of your daily activities will suffer. 9. Crank up your Furnace: Adding in some anaerobic interval work is the right method to use, you should only need to add in a 2-3 brief session (20-30 minutes each) of anaerobic intervals working at 80-100% of your maximum effort and then recovering, and repeating the process again, until you have completed your training. 10. Do Not be a Sheep: just because your friend has tried something and it works for them i.e. Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet, etc.... does not mean that it will work for you. When you implement the 9 principles from above, and make the need adjustments as you move along then you will be successful.

As you can see by now its not all that complex; but more a matter of applying good sound information to your fitness program. Simply implementing these 10 easy tips and you could very well be the one who lost 10,20, even 50lbs or more of unsightly fat. That would rate as an A+ fitness program in my book.