Zero Stress - is That Possible?

by : Ejvind Jacobsen

How to cope with stress and the hardships of life? We get by, thinking 'this is normal'.

We keep asking ourselves, Why is life like this? It doesn't have to be! The truth is;

  • Stress makes us feel dissatisfied, unhappy, sad, grumpy, angry, jealous, aching in body and mind amongst other feelings.
  • Stress is a bodily function meant to save us from danger, but today stress has become the danger.
  • Stress has become a major reason for hospitalization.
  • Stress gives a low quality of life.


Ways to Cope with Stress & Get Zero Stress
The simple answer to coping with stress is to 'stop stressing yourself'. You are the one accepting and thus creating the stress, so therefore you are the one that has the power to stop stressing yourself. There are many methods to help you relieve your stress, and the one that works for you is the one you like the best. Some of them are: focus on the now, start looking at what works instead of what doesn't or just start laughing. So do your research and decide which method will be most helpful to you.

Stress has always been around, and we have all tried enduring the sensations accompanying stress. In itself, stress is perfectly normal, but when endured for too long it will start deteriorating the body.

Adrenaline, cortisol and epineprine are all hormones related to stress. These hormones will eventually destroy you if they are in your body too long, or the dose is too high. When you produce endorphins, you counteract cortisol and epineprine. When endorphins are produced you start 'eating' away on the 'bad' hormones, epineprine and cortisol. This is diminishing the effects they have on you.

How to start producing endorphins to relieve stress?
Well that is easy. Start doing something to make you happy and relaxed.

  • Physical exercise like running or walking and even doing the dishes will help produce endorphins.
  • Spending time with your loved ones will increase the endorphine production.
  • Even eating a bar of chocolate will do it - but only for a little while. Try to avoid fatty chocolates. Opt for dark chocolates. 

The easiest, fastest and most efficient way to produce endorphins is by laughing. So start laughing. Use any method you like - read comics, watch soaps or stand-up, listen to people laughing, and your stress will disappear like it was a miracle. If it really is this easy, why are more people not doing it - you might say. And you would be absolutely right to ask.

However the problem is a cultural one. We are taught or trained not to be emotional, so crying, laughing or any other emotional outburst is not permitted. We seem to think we have to be in control always. Well, look where that's got us: A huge portion of the world is so stressed that they get sick!

Zero Stress is Possible
So, the best ways to cope with stress and get zero stress, is really to make yourself happy and relaxed. Once you do this, your body will always produce endorphines. Endorpines will make you happy.