How to Get Those Well Defined Strong Abs!

by : Muna wa Wanjiru

When you take a step back and take the time to put things into perspective, you can really appreciate how ironic some situations are, like for instance that of getting your abs into the best shape of their lives. To get a firmer flatter stomach you need to build up strong abs, but without strong abs the exercise you're giving your stomach is not as effective as it could be. Ironic, right?

Unfortunately this is the way that life goes, and it cannot be denied that many of us will toil away at our little exercise machines, or struggle through reps of varying types of crunches, or try and plain, eat ourselves fit, in order to achieve the picture perfect body.

Now, you might protest at this very stark view of things, but this is nevertheless the truth, and let's face it, just like the burning sensation you get in your abs when you're on your third set of twenty crunches, the truth is infinitely painful.

However, that said, it doesn't really matter why we're doing it - whether it's for the fitness part of the whole thing, or whether it's for the show-my-abs kind of thing. What matters most is that you need to build yourself up to having strong abs so that you can have a six pack that you can proudly display.

To that end, the very least that you can do to help you on your way is to set yourself up in a manner which is guaranteed to at least help you get your six pack. So get your diet into shape, buff up your exercise knowledge and take a ride on that rollercoaster known as getting six pack abs.

Of course, it sounds easy when you're saying it loud, or planning the entire thing as if it were a military operation. The problem generally comes at about the time that you're trying to turn your excess weight (read into that a belly bulge!), into strong abs. You'll probably start off all fired up and raring to go, but as the days progress - and your muscles start to ache more - you will find that your initial enthusiasm is waning.

It's taking too long to build up your flabby abs into strong abs and sometimes you just feel like quitting. This is the time when you need to dig deep inside you and find the desire and the determination to carry on, come what may.

Or in many cases, dig down deep into your pockets and bribe yourself with a really good 'carrot' so that you will continue on your path and get those well defined strong abs! And don't worry, you're not alone - we all have our very own personal carrot-on-a-stick bribes which helps us to get through those bad days when we want to throw in the towel!