Why Do Some People Insist on Doing Sit Ups With Neck Injury?

by : Muna wa Wanjiru

Trying to do sit ups with neck injury or worse, is probably not one of the best things that you can do. In fact, trying to sit ups with neck injury is a sure fire way for you to trigger or aggravate even more health problems or neck and other bodily pains.

The best way for you to do sit ups is only when you are feeling fit and when you don't have any strains or pains in the neck, shoulder, or back area, or indeed any other part of your body. All forms of exercise should be undertaken with caution, and if you know that you are suffering from, or are prone to strain your neck or even your back, you should ideally stay away from doing sit ups, or better yet, learn how to do sit ups using the proper form and technique.

In fact, unless and until you learn how to do sit ups in the proper manner there's a more than good chance that you will get neck injuries or worse. This is true no matter what type of shape you are in when you decide to do sit ups. It is all too easy to do sit ups and use all the wrong muscles to help get your abs into shape, this is where you will find that you are doing sit ups with neck injury, sometimes without even knowing about it.

To stop this, and to get a better handle on how sit ups are really done, you should ideally consult with a fitness trainer, or someone who is qualified in these matters, to help you learn how to do them. You will find that once you know how to do sit ups properly, and how to make the most use out of your ab muscles to do the sit ups, that you are getting better results than when you were doing sit ups in correctly.

And if you know that you suffer from, or you are recovering from a neck injury, then avoid doing sit ups, or find a piece of exercise equipment that will support your neck while you are doing sit ups. Free-style sit ups are not everyone's forte and you might be better off doing your sit ups aided by a piece of exercise equipment that will take the strain from your exercising, but which will still give you the workout you need. Just remember to be careful, no matter what you're doing.