Why Buy a Used Triathlon Bike

by : Dec B

Probably the most expensive part of getting involved in a triathlon or ironman event or training is the bike. It obviously needs to be fast, the correct size for you and of course, within your budget.

As in any sport or occupation, the beginner starts off with the basics. They get used to their chosen sport and gradually upgrade their equipment. As they improve, they look for ways to shave minutes, seconds and tenths of seconds off their personal bests so they are continually updating their equipment. The same is true of the triathlete. Always looking to improve their time, they continually upgrade to a newer, more improved bike. This of course leaves their used bike for sale for the athlete who hasn't quite reached their league - YET!

Because of this, there is always a bargain for anyone looking for a second hand or used triathlon bike. These bikes are always well looked after and maintained because of the nature of the typical triathlete. Their bike is their baby so you are almost always guaranteed a quality used product when you purchase.

The best advise for the beginner triathlete or the triathlete upgrading their bike, especially on a budget, is to be on the look-out for a quality used bike where there are massive savings available compared to the new price.

When buying a bike, set your budget. Allow for extras that may need to be purchased such as tri-bars, spare parts, apparel and cycling shoes. Ask plenty of questions from the seller, what events they have completed, was it used for training etc. Compare the asking price to the new price. Ensure that it's the correct size for you. Make the purchase and get down to the serious business of training and competing! Keep improving your technique and time and be on the look-out for your next upgrade!