The Rising Popularity of Cornhole

by : Dave Roth

Most people would not think of the cornhole game as an actual sport, but it is fast becoming a very popular one. It has evolved from a simple backyard game to something that has developed a strong following. Tournaments are organized in many areas of the country, and the individuals who play in them take their cornhole game seriously. They spend many hours practicing, and they are very careful to ensure that their bags and boards are all regulation. It helps them to be ready to compete when a tournament is organized in their area. In addition, there is a lot of enjoyment of the game, making the sport more popular than people would have originally expected.

Since the cornhole game is not difficult to learn to play and not physically demanding, almost any person of any age can play the game and therefore participate in the tournaments. There are tournaments for children and for adults, and men and women are often divided as well. In addition, some tournaments are organized for individuals to play, and others are organized for cornhole teams. No matter how the tournament is organized, though, there is something for everyone. The entry fees are usually very inexpensive, and the prizes are good. The tournaments can also be organized to help raise money for charities and other good causes, and some people have tournaments just because they are enjoyable and people like them.

There are areas of the country where cornhole is very popular and areas where it is not heard of nearly as often. Organizing a tournament in an area where the game is not generally played might take some doing, but there are people all over the country who do enjoy the game. It is simply a matter of finding people in one?s immediate area who enjoy the game, which can be done through advertising and asking questions of others in the community. For those who play cornhole quite often, it is already seen as a sport. Whether it will be seen that way by others, however, may still take some time. It has been suggested by some people who play cornhole as a sport that it might eventually end up on major sports networks and be televised like bowling and other activities which some people consider sports and some people do not.

If a person starts out playing cornhole at a young age, he or she may only see it as a game. Those who are a bit older often take it more seriously, because they have a better chance to network with others who also play the game, either for fun or more seriously. It is not yet possible to make a living playing cornhole as it is for some sports. However, people can win money and other prizes. Eventually, the sport may become popular enough that professional players will make their living off of the game. Until that time, however, cornhole will continue to be played in many areas of the country for both fun and profit.