Cornhole is a Great Party Game

by : Dave Roth

Parties can fall flat when there are not enough things to do or games that individuals can play. Also, most parties today seem to be about nothing more than drinking. Certainly, there is no problem for responsible adults to have an alcoholic beverage, but there are many other things that can be done at a party. The cornhole game is a good choice for an outdoor, fair weather game. There are some variations to the game, and sometimes it is called beanbag toss or other similar names, but it is basically the same thing. In some parts of the country the cornhole game is not heard of, but in other places it is very popular.

Almost anybody of any skill level and any age can learn to play the cornhole game because it is simple and the instructions are not confusing. People can buy cornhole sets, or they can make their own. It can be difficult, though, and time consuming to make one?s own cornhole game, so most people choose to buy one. Generally, the cornhole board is wooden, but there are also plastic cornhole boards for those who wish to purchase them. People stand a specified distance away, and they toss the bags through the hole in the game board. The name cornhole came about because the bags were corn filled when the game was first invented. Plastic pellets or beans are what usually fill up the bags in today?s more modern society. Whatever works to fill the bags is fine, provided they are of the proper weight and proper size for regulation cornhole game playing.

Points are earned by throwing the bags through the hole in the board. Points can also be earned by throwing the bags and having them remain on the board without falling off, but this does not score as high. A lot of people love the cornhole game because it is an easy game to learn and play. It does not matter if people are old or young, the game is fun for most of them. There is no danger to the game, the rules are easy to learn, and there is no special skill needed. There are no sharp edges on the board, and the bags are soft and lightweight. Even young children can play the cornhole game safely. It is becoming more popular as a party game because it is oriented to a family environment.

Good weather is needed, because the game is designed to be played outside. Anywhere the day is nice and there is enough room is good for cornhole, and this includes tailgating, backyard parties, birthdays, barbeques, and other events. Since the cornhole board is small and can be easily transported in a truck or in a large car?s trunk, it has an advantage over many other backyard games. Further versatility is added to the game because there is a smaller board made for it which will fit in almost every car trunk.