Losing Fat with Heavy Training

by : Kevin Raison

Ok, the time has come.....

Once you try out this new programme you may find yourself changing the way you workout forever.

You ready?


This is one programme for the entire body and can last anywhere up to 6 weeks! Once you have the grasp of it, can switch and change. Ideally, you should be doing this anyway to keep the body confused rather than letting the body get used to the movements.

Please make sure you have read Parts 1- 3 so you understand why you are training this way.

If you understand, you are more likely to stick to the plan.

Always consult your physician before exercise. The author is neither liable nor responsible for any harm or injury resulting in the use of this programme.

Warm up: 2 minutes on cardio machine

A1 - Squat and press x 12 reps tempo 1010 (1 second down, 1 second up with over head press) x 2 sets

A2 - Bent over Barbell Rows x 5 reps tempo 4020 (4 seconds to low er, 2 seconds to lift) x 2 sets

A1 and A2 are to be treated as supersets, meaning that you perform A1 immediately followed by A2.

Your last repetition should feel like wouldn't be able to perform anymore.

Rest for 90 seconds

B1 - Reverse lunges (chest to knee) x 12 reps tempo 2010 x 2 sets

B2 - Incline dumbbell press x 5 tempo 4020 x 2 sets

Rest for 90 seconds

C1 - Single arm dumbbell rows x 12 (on each arm) tempo 2020 x 2 sets

C2 - Barbell squats x 5 reps tempo 4020 x 2 sets

C3 - Crunches x 12 reps tempo 2021 (1 = Squeeze for 1 second at top of movement) x 2 sets

C4 - Romanian Deadlifts x 5 reps tempo 4020 x 2 sets

Rest for 120 seconds

D1 - Pick your favourite piece of cardio equipment and perform the exercise as seen in part 1.

Repeat this exercise 8 times over.

You should be able to finish the entire workout within 30 minutes if you keep to the strict timings and rest periods.

Now this should hopefully have you feeling like you've really had a good workout and to think that you've got another 36 hours of bodyfat burning to do!!!

If you continue to train like this for at least 2 times a week (3 times a week preferred) for the next 6 weeks you will see see some great results.

However, this is not a magic workout, to get maximum results you will need to apply a good nutrition plan.