Why Quick Weight Loss Really Means No Weight Loss

by : Mike Warner

With all the medical and scientific breakthroughs that have occurred in the health arena its amazing how much we are still asleep when it comes to weight loss. No matter what, we are looking for the magic cure to having too much weight on. We're looking for the solution that will allow us to not change our lifestyle, keep eating fattening foods, yet look sexy and toned. It doesn't matter that the reason we're overweight is a result of years and years of habits in relation to eating and exercise. We want the magic cure, and we wanted it by yesterday! Doesn't it all seem a little silly?

Is it really reasonable for use to expect this miracle disappearance of our fat overnight because of a product when it took years to grow that belly?

The reason I say that is because if you have a look at what is selling most in the weight loss industry, and the products that are sold, a lot of them try and sell you based on promises of very quick weight loss. Thats because one of the most demanded products in the weight loss industry a quick weight loss cure.

Unfortunately it's the desire for quick weight loss that is often at the heart of the 'yo-yo' dieter syndrome, where you don't end up losing any weight at all.

Let's say you find a crash diet that is all the rage. Everyone on it seems to be losing weight. So you think, 'I should give this a go, it'll work for me too.' So off you go, changing your eating habits completely. All you have is food from a very small strict range. The worst thing is, because you've made such a drastic change from your long term habits, it gets harder to keep up, the longer you try to stick to the diet. You begin to battle with your emotions. Soon enough its not just about the food. You start to feel that your freedom is being taken away from you by this diet, and you have massive urges and cravings to break free.

You and I both know what happens next, you eventually get to the point where you say, 'A small slice of pizza is not going to hurt, I've been very good, and I'll be back on this diet immediately after.' So you go and have that slice of pizza.

But it doesn't stop there does it.

After you have one piece of that pizza, you think, 'Awwww, another piece isn't going to hurt anyone.' Then the flood gates open.

You have released your cravings and then you scour the house for every piece of junk food you've been keeping from yourself. Its all going down. And before you know it, you're back to square one.

What was the problem then? The problem was that the diet was always a short-term measure, it was never going to be something we did habitually again and again for the rest of our lives.

Seriously, would any of the diets that are on the market even exist if people thought about this before they decided to start that diet? The facts are that it took long term habits to put that weight on your body. Right there, your own body has given you the exact blueprint of how to lose it.

You have to form new habits, but this time, these habits have to allow you to reach and maintain your ideal weight. I know this may be a little dull, its no hyped up magic cure, but its the truth. It comes down to you. If you want to use one of the latest products in the market, fine, use it. Always make sure you remember though that any weight you lose is because you will have to do it, not because this gadget will do the work for you. Use the gadget to form lifestyle habits that not only help you to lose weight, but keep the weight off. That way you boost your self esteem while you lose the weight, cause you did it, not some product or service. That's the secret to long lasting weight loss.