Revealed: 3 Sales Tactics Used by Unethical Hoodia Suppliers

by : Mike Warner

If you have ever tried to buy Hoodia over the internet, you already know it's probably one of the most confusing experiences in your life. There are seemingly thousands of sellers out there, all with very convincing arguments about their brand. It's so hard to work out who to trust, who to believe and so who to buy from.

You're smart, so you probably know that not all sellers are going to give you the same quality of product, no matter what it seems at first glance. Once you know the industry, you'll find it's just like buying any other product or service. The top few companies selling Hoodia sell the best, most potent type, while there are hundreds of other sellers who sell ineffective Hoodia that really doesn't do much for your weight loss goals.

So how can someone who may not know too much about which companies are the best, but who wants to enjoy the weight loss benefits from using pure Hoodia, invest in the right company?

The first thing to do is to weed out 99% of companies that are clearly selling powder puff versions of the real thing. Below is a list of three things you will see on any website selling Hoodia. I'm revealing them for you so that when you visit these websites, you don't get caught up and buy just based on these particular tactics. There are other things you need to be aware of before you invest your trust in a site. Here are the three things you'll find on most Hoodia websites that you should pretty much ignore:

1) Written testimonials from 60 minutes, Oprah, the BBC, and other news outlets about the effectiveness of Hoodia. Don't get me wrong - these testimonials are not made up, they are real - but they are about how the Hoodia plant is effective in suppressing your appetite in general, there's no mention of the actual product name this web site is selling. This means that any web site or even shop can make up a pill, put even a small trace of Hoodia in it and use these exact testimonials. So, these testimonials don't guarantee that the type of Hoodia being sold on that site is going to work as well as it may seem.

2) A certificate proving how pure the Hoodia from that website is. The most common type of certificate for Hoodia found on the internet should be looked at with a very skeptical eye. The reason is because most of these certificates are sought out when the company first starts. At this point the companies will send out their purest most potent batch to be tested. After getting their certificate, they will go on and sell far less effective, diluted versions under the same name. It is the old 'bait and switch' and many Hoodia suppliers online do it.

Hoodia pills that include other popular weight loss ingredients, such as green tea, that are created to get you to believe that these are more effective than normal pure Hoodia. If you know anything about chemistry, you'll know that when you put two different ingredients together, it's very rare that they remain separate. Usually they interact and the final compound created from mixing the two ingredients can often have very different properties to the original ingredients. If you keep this mind, then it is really impossible to say how two ingredients, that both supposedly help you lose weight, will react inside your body. It may be that both become ineffective when mixed. The other thing against this sort of supplier is that most of the other ingredients that are mixed with Hoodia have not yet been proven as ingredients that really do help. Many of them have also been known to cause side effects. So all in all, you have to be careful when you come across a seller selling pills like this.

So that's a short list of what to look out for to be careful. You need to know more though to protect yourself.

You need to know how to pick out a genuine supplier. This involves looking for a certain type of testimonial that's not so common amongst Hoodia suppliers on the internet. You'll also need to know how to recognize a certain type of certificate that very few companies get about their Hoodia, because if they're not genuine they'll be caught out. Only companies that sell pure Hoodia with every batch will have this type of certificate. And of course you'll need to look for companies that sell Hoodia without mixing any other ingredients.

If you don't protect yourself as well as you can, chances are that you will end up buying Hoodia that really isn't the pure form of Hoodia that works. And when you don't get the results you were after you'll think,"this is something else that didn't work for me", when in fact you were misled. If this happens to you it also means you'll have wasted your hard earned money on something that is nothing but expensive urine.