Gators Cant Wait for Next Season

by : Gertie The Gator

As if there weren't enough issues in the world today, and as if the Florida Gators haven't had some tough times with sports the past few months, there's a couple more for the pile on.

Let's start with Jamar Hornsby. What were you thinking and where did you get the credit card? Why would you jeopardize your place on the team, an education and a chance to grow in your game so that eventually the NFL might take a good look at you? All for what? Using a dead person's credit card! Not only is that stealing, but it's pretty gross, too.

Not only that, but Ashley Slonina was a fellow student that was killed in an accident in 2007, and the driver was defensive lineman on the team, Michael Guillford, who also died in the crash. It is mind-boggling to think that a player would do this to a potential teammate. It wasn't, OOPS! an accident, because Hornsby used the card at least 75 times after Ashley died and charged around $3,000 on it. Go figure. Hornsby has been dismissed from the team as of last Friday. I hope there are some really good answers to solve this mystery.

To add to all that, defensive lineman Matt Patchan was shot while in a park over the weekend. Nobody knows what he was doing or why he was shot, and nobody is commenting, however, he is OK, according to both his high school coach and Gators coach. It is a wonder that anyone even wanted to shoot at a guy that's 6'7" and weighs about 275 pounds. This is another puzzle that remains to be solved. At any rate, it's good that Patchan is fine and will be healed soon. The bullet was left in because it is in soft tissue.

Let's hope that things quiet down and start looking up for the Gators football team right away. If they make as much noise on the field as off, they should blow by everyone in the upcoming season!

They need your support. Show it! Sport your colors! Wear your official Gator gear!