Harvey Will Hammer em in the Nfl

by : Majestic Help

Well, well, well...

We're happy to report that we said it here on March 20th. We were sure that Derrick Harvey would be drafted into the NFL. Today was the day, and Harvey was picked in the first round. In fact, the Jaguars were willing to give up quite a little something to get Harvey.

So, what will make him successful with the Jaguars? Let's start with something Coach Urban Meyer said about Harvey. Meyer said that Harvey is a great guy and a great person on and off the field. That's an important foundation. Great guys give their all, all of the time. Great guys are team players even when they are superstars. Great guys take responsibility and give respect - and eventually become great leaders.

Harvey is 6'5" - good size for a lineman. He's just under 275 pounds and he is pretty quick on his feet - not that easy for a player on the large size. Given his personality, his attitude and his talent, we think Derrick Harvey will do great in the NFL for the Jaguars - just has he has done for the Gators. Good luck Harvey in the NFL.

Harvey going to the NFL will leave a big hole to fill for the Gators. On the other hand, Harvey going to the NFL should make Gators and Gator fans proud of him, of their school, their coach and their team. Don't forget Gator spirit! Wear your colors. Show your support for your school. Wear official Gator Merchandise, and wear it proudly!