A Berger Lamp Will Eliminate Odor and Clean The Air!

by : Mike Yeager

A Berger lamp is different from other types of air fresheners in that a Berger lamp actually eliminates the odor, instead of just masking it. Also, a Berger lamp actively cleans the air, also something normal air fresheners don’t do. You may be curious where Berger lamps originate from. Berger lamps were invented by Maurice Berger in the early twentieth century. Berger lamps were considered a disinfecting home appliance. Through a unique process of high temperature catalytic combustion, Berger lamps eliminates and destroys the molecules behind unpleasant odors such as cigarette smoke and cooking while pleasantly perfuming the air and destroying bacteria. You can’t say that about an ordinary table lamp! You are sure to find a Berger lamp that is exactly what you are looking for as there are over 160 Berger fragrance lamp styles and 54 wonderful lamp Berger oil fragrance options to choose from. Every lamp is made of the finest materials such as Limoges porcelain, china, crystal, satin glass and earthenware.

A Berger Lamp will really work!

This product, unlike many imitators, really does work! There is no product that does a more effective job of fragrancing your entire home or office, or even your car for that matter, than a Berger lamp. If you want to get rid of cooking odors, musty smells, pet odors, or tobacco odors, a Berger lamp is perfect for you. The odors will gone in just a few minutes. And they won’t be covered up either, like regular air fresheners, they will actually be gone! If you want to clean the air and cover up unpleasant odors for a low price, check out the original air freshener: Berger lamps!