Avoid Being Caught With Bad Etiquette On The Driving Range

by : Tom Masters

When just starting out with the game of golf, you have to spend most of your time on the driving range. It teaches you to focus on a target and offers you the opportunity to learn the distance at which each of your golf clubs can hit at, and help you to make contact with the ball every time you swing.

Real Grass?

The reason why real grass is preferred over turf is simply because it mimics the exact conditions you will play in during a real game of golf at the local course. Although hard to find in most locations, a driving range that offers real grass to practice on is invaluable. Most private clubs and high end golf courses offer access to a driving range that has natural grass.

Don't Practice Your Short Game

A big mistake many beginner golfers make is just focusing on the long play. They spend an enormous amount of time hitting long-range shots, yet never practice with the short game plays. A great schedule would be to simply split your time up, perhaps one day at the standard range and the next at the short game area.

Many golf ranges offer an opportunity to improve your short game skills. Some of these facilities offer one or two green areas that are set aside for men and women to practice their shots which require shorter distances.

If you are fortunate enough to have a local driving range that offers such an area, be sure to invest just as much time there as you would at the regular range.

Be Considerate When Practicing On Real Grass

It is good etiquette to take care of the grass as best possible. For example, when taking a nice shot with an iron, you will almost always create a divot, which is simply a large chunk of grass cut out from your swing.

While utilizing a driving range that offers real grass to hit the ball from is preferable - but some beginners may not be ready to handle such a quality service due to their inability to control their swing.

Too many of these shots can ruin the turf temporarily, until the grounds keepers shut down the area and reseed with new grass. Try to hit every ball as close to where you hit the last ball. Doing so will reduce the areas of divots created to just one spot in particular.

It is inevitable that the grass to be damaged, and the facility understands this, but your job is to minimize this damage as best possible.