Top 10 Commonly Forgotten Golf Essentials

by : ton tomlinson

1. Golf Shoes
Having the proper footwear improves your game immensely. Golf shoes are designed to grip the green so you have a nice firm stance when you hit the ball. You can often rent shoes if you don’t play often, just check local golf stores and clubs.

2. Water
Doctors recommend you drink water every 30 minutes when you are out on a hot or sunny day. Make sure to bring plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated.

3. Extra Shirt
Remember that it gets hot out there in the sun! Bring an extra shirt to change into after the game, so you don’t have to go to lunch smelling like you just climbed Everest.

4. Tee
Although courses usually provide these to you, it doesn’t hurt to have a few around just in case. Plus, having tees of your own allows you to practice on your own lawn at home.

5. Golf Bag
Having a bag for your clubs makes your job or your caddy’s job much more comfortable. Bags are also important because they protect your clubs, which don’t come cheap.

6. Golf Cart Rental
Some golf courses may require you to rent a golf cart ahead of time if you don’t have your own. Make sure you check, or you may be have to walk, making your game more tiresome and take more time.

7. Extra Balls
So many things can happen on a course to cause you to lose your golf ball. Make sure you bring plenty of extras, so you don’t have to buy more at the club at a possibly inflated price.

8. Wide Range of Clubs
Different strokes call for different clubs. Have a variety of clubs to choose from, so you are prepared for any and every situation.

9. Towel
A towel, like water, makes golfing on a hot day much easier. Whether you’re toweling off your hair or wiping off your club, having a towel or two around can be a big help.

10. Club Covers
Club covers in addition to a bag keep your club edges sharp. Dents in the club edges may make your drive less straight, making your game less fun.