Buy Golf Clubs Online And Get A Better Deal

by : Norman Stanley

Do you play golf? If I was a betting man I would hazard a guess that you do or why would you be reading this? Furthermore I would also bet that you buy new golf clubs from time to time, and I guess you talk to your buddies, visit a couple of stores and then lay out your money for the club that takes your fancy. I would ask why?

I play golf, a lot of golf. I am not a professional golfer and I don't think I would want to be, I don't like flying for one! What I am is an ordinary guy with a passion for the game of golf and to further break it down a passion for the short game. For instance, did you know that the majority of golf shots are played from 120 yards? One hundred and twenty yards, that's it. You play the most golf from that distance and yet I would wonder, what importance do you place on your wedge play?

The golf wedges are the scoring clubs, from 120 yards you are using a pitching wedge, from 100 yards you are using a gap wedge and so on. These clubs are firing your ball into the green where you make your putt. If you can pepper the green with balls two feet away from the pin will you be making more putts? more birdies? I think so. So why then does nearly every golfer rush out and buy the latest driver?

Like I said earlier I play a lot of golf, purely because I like it. I use four wedges in my game from a pitching wedge down to a lob wedge. I have used wedges from Titleist, Callaway, Ping and Wilson to name but a few. I am not made of money but I like to try every club I can lay my hands on and without my computer I would have to forego a lot of pleasure.

I buy all my clubs which as I say, are mostly wedges, onine. I haven't bought a new wood or driver for several years, and my game hasn't suffered. All these wedges come from auction sites, one in particular, no names, no pack drill and it is this simple fact that allows me to test out virtually any club that I want to and for very little money overall.

The great thing about buying my clubs online is that prices are fairly stable so if I get a club and can't get it to work for me I'll sell it to a buddy, one of the guys or girls at my golf club or simply list it in an online auction and sell it there. Golfers are a great community and always looking for a club of some kind so when I sell I sometimes make a little profit. Every ones a winner!

For a whole range of golf wedges available online visit the link at the bottom and thanks for spending some time with me.