Callaway Fairway Woods

by : James E Obrien

From Big Bertha to the Callaway Fusion Golf Club and Squareway Woods

While other brands get great press, Callaway has always been a real leader in fairway woods. Like the famous Big Bertha driver, the woods are very forgiving and allow the golfer to get a better than normal result on his or her swing.

The Big Bertha Callaway fairway woods featured a stainless steel head. The head's large volume and shallower face, with a lower leading edge, helped forgive a poor swing. The improved result also helped the golfer's confidence when addressing the golf ball.

Callaway's large club head volume dramatically increases the moment of inertia (MOI) by reducing club twisting, when striking the ball off center. This results in longer and straighter fairway golf shots.

However, there were some problems. Many people complained that the Callaway Big Bertha fairway woods had too high an arc and ballooned down the fairway, reducing distance and roll. In addition, the club's graphite shaft technology was not keeping up with Callaway's competitors.

The Callaway Big Bertha fairway woods were still quite popular, but Callaway Golf knew changes had to be made. They began experimenting with their patented titanium and then carbon composite technologies. The face thickness was adjusted and some weight was added to the club head's perimeter. The fusion of both their proven technology and new ideas has resulted in the Callaway X fairway wood clubs.

Not content with just fixing the club head, Callaway turned to golf club shaft expert Fujikura to develop a completely new graphite club shaft.

The Callaway X fairway woods users still love the two Callaway F's, forgiveness and feel. The golf ball is hit slightly lower and the ballooning effect has disappeared. Golfers are enjoying the design and feel of the new models.

While Callaway has also introduced a fairway wood X Tour version for low handicap golfers, most golfers will be very satisfied with the standard version.

Callaway is getting ready for the 2008 season by introducing their new Squareway fairway woods. The square head design, which is also used by other golf equipment manufacturers, is designed to shift club head weight as far back in the club's heel and toe as possible and still stay within the rules of golf.

However, Callaway's Squareway Fusion FT-i fairway wood isn't for everyone. Even though it's MOI is almost like the drivers, the Ft-i is more difficult to consistently hit well from fairway lies. This club is actually friendlier when hitting out of the rough. In addition, its head shape is a little unusual and may not appeal to every golfer. Those golfers choosing a Callaway fairway wood may want to stick with the X Tour version and let the Squareway evolve on someone else's nickel.

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