How To Choose The Best Golf Balls

by : zachary skinner

As you may have guessed, the best golf balls are a personal opinion. Every golfer has his own opinion of what the best golf balls are. To many, the best golf balls are those with which they scored their lowest ever score, or hit a hole in one. Beginners will usually find that the best golf balls for them are those that travel farthest, while the pros may prefer a ball with a higher degree of compression which gives more spin, and hence will be easier to control better while in flight and after landing. So the best golf balls for some are not necessarily the best golf balls for others.

Titleist says,"The Titleist DT SoLo golf ball applies a high-lift design to maximize distance for golfers with average and moderate swing speeds seeking the ultimate combination of distance with soft feel and guaranteed cut-proof durability. This ball gives me nice distance, with moderate action on the greens. I have hit other Titleist balls, as well as Taylor Made Distance Inergels, and a variety of others. Dimple Aerodynamics helps maintain spin at the apex, delivering maximum distance through superior design rather than hard compression. It's the kind of distance that will send your buddies home crying to their mommies.

Nike One golf balls are definitely worth a look. Nike has joined the game late, but with Tiger Woods on their side, they are slowly winning market share with their line of Nike One Golf balls. Consumer Reports did a test on golf balls and rated these Nike balls just behind the Titleist Pro V1's which cost $45/dozen. I personally dont care for nike balls. With a price and product that does what it claims to do in advertisements, I guess the only thing I don't like, is that it looks like any other Nike ball.

The Callaway Golf Balls are the balls I usually play, if I'm just hacking it around and not taking it too seriously. The Callaway CXB golf ball is designed to provide a softer feel. I started looking at the Callaway line and found that walmart has several balls the CXB fits everything I am looking for in a golf ball. You can find the Callaway's at your local pro shop, but i don't know about the Nike brand. Callaway is the only ball maker that uses hexagon shaped dimples on their balls and more recently has been manufacturing HX Tours with 6 deeper dimples on the surface of the balls. The balls have variations on the size of the dimples and also some have deeper dimples than others, Callaway Golf is the main supplier of the hexagonal design golf balls, such as the Callaway HX.