Golf Stand Carry Bag - What You Need To Know Before You Buy

by : Max Johnson

While attempting to find a new golf stand carry bag, you need to have all the information so you can make the best decision for yourself. A golf stand carry bag is simply a carry bag with a stand that is spring-loaded. This allows the stand to pull out when you put the golf bag on the ground and to retract as you pick up the golf stand carry bag. Thus, you do not have to lay your golf bag on the ground. An Izzo golf stand carry bag is known as one of the best carry bags made.

The stands on these types of carry bags are spring-loaded. When you set your golf bag on the ground, the spring activates the legs to extend that so that your bag sits up at an angle from the ground. With your bag sitting upright, you can prevent damage to your golf clubs since it is not laying on the ground. In addition, this will assist you in keeping your golf bag clean while playing in wet or muddy conditions. Access to your golf clubs is made easier as you will not have to bend over to reach them as your golf bag is on the ground.

As the excessive bending over to pick up your regular golf bag will wear on your back, being able to place your golf stand carry bag on the ground and then grab the golf club you need or replace the chosen golf club without the strain on your back is an invaluable convenience. For those players who do struggle with a bad back, a golf stand carry bag may allow you to play a full round and give you a feeling of independence. If you do have back problems, a golf stand golf bag is essential. The stands on the golf bags can frequently be adjusted to suit your body type for comfort. Many companies offer a dual strap system has special strap materials which allow the straps to smoothly slide off your shoulders. Quick, simple adjustments can be performed while the bag is still being worn. The dual strap system allows you to carry the bag in proper balance which makes it easier to carry as well as prevent injuries.

A golf stand carry bag has the room to carry a full set of clubs including driver, woods, hybrids, irons, wedges and your putter. In addition, there is room for your rain suit, tees, balls, gloves as well as anything else that you would need during a round of golf. Many golf stand carry bags come with built-in club dividers which help to keep your golf clubs organized as well as provide protection for the golf shafts.

An extra for a golf stand carry bag would be a rain hood. A rain hood will allow you to view your clubs while keeping them dry during your wet round of golf. Other extras include golf shoe bags and golf bag travel covers. A golf bag travel case will provide the protection to your equipment whether it is in the trunk of your car or on a plane trip.

While selecting your golf stand carry bag you will have many choices to make. Choices will include the size and weight of the bag, simple or extravagant designs, bright or conservative colors and of course different price points.