King Cobra Drivers Reviews

by : James E Obrien

From the King Cobra 460 Driver
to their new LD Driver Series

The King Cobra SZ 460 model was introduced in 2005 and is still considered a very technologically advanced golf club. If you don't swing like the pros and still want to get great distance, this is your driver.

The Cobra driver has the largest club face of all the 460 cc drivers on the market. Cobra's improvements in the materials and club construction included
placing a pair of steel inserts near the bottom rear
of the club head. This substantially lowered the club's center of gravity. The large club face hosted a deep rhombus shaped center.

A large, but thinner titanium ring created a huge sweet spot. The cobra engineers were so pleased, they named the club SZ for, what else, Sweet Spot.

The King Cobra 460 SZ driver was built to respond well to a wide variety of golf swings and striking the club head at different slightly different places and at different angles. The results were long and forgiving drives that helped reduce the golfer's score.
The club is still popular today and with the advent of the Cobra LD and Speed LD drivers, have become an outstanding value. The 460cc drivers, which were introduced in 2005 with a suggested retail price of $370.00, are now available at our retail partner Austad's Golf for under $200.00.

If you are looking for a used Cobra golf club driver, shop online for some teriffic prices or check out the Ebay auctions.

Despite the King Cobra 460 driver's great success, Cobra Golf's new entries into the never ending "best golf driver" race are the Speed LD and Speed Pro drivers. Even more forgiving than their older 460 sz cousins, Cobra is laying claim to the "longest, straightest and most forgiving woods" the company has ever offered. The LD stands for Limit Dimensions, which is Cobra's way of telling you they have pushed the driver specifications to the very limit of the USGA rules. The MOI or moment of inertia has a value of 5,000, which is too technical to capture your interest, but the MOI is as high as any all-titanium driver on the market today. However, the key ingredient is the Cobra speed tuning feature , which matches the golfer's individual ball speed, shaft and grip with appropriate Cobra LD driver. The three basic models; LD X (extreme), LD F (fast), LD-M (moderate) feature different loft, club length, face angle, shaft type and flex.

The LD M is probably going to be the most popular as it nicely matches the swing skills of the average golfer. The light weights in both the club face and the shaft help keep the club head square at impact, reducing the tendency to slice or hook the golf ball. The LD M models for men include Straight Neck, Offset and Seniors.

Cobra hasn't forgotten the ladies and the Speed LD M women's driver has a little lighter loft and even less weight to help get the ball off the tee and well down the fairway.

If you are interested in a Cobra driver, the best prices are usually found online. The Cobra Speed series was introduced in a Cobra press release at $480.00. Discount LD models are now available for $299.00.

King Cobra Drivers, whether the tried and true cobra 460 cc driver or the new Speed LD models are an excellent choice for both the PGA tour pro and the weekend amateur golfer.

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