Advice on Finding New York City Golf Tee Times

by : Jonathan Blocker

If you are seeking significant discounts on new york city golf tee times, you'll be glad to know that most of the golf courses in and around the Big Apple maintain websites through which you can book new york city golf tee times in advance at substantial savings.

The discounts on new york city golf tee times can vary, particularly in terms of what is available. Usually, you are able to reserve an approximate tee time only (these are usually timed to begin every five to ten minutes).

When you book new york city golf tee times over the World Wide Web, the course or country club may offer various extras that include a sleeve of golf balls. A golf cart is not usually included in the greens fee (although it may be). In any event, when you reserve new york city golf tee times online in advance, you'll need to print out a copy of your reservation and present it at the pro shop when you arrive for your game.

Be aware that like any commodity, new york golf courses tee times are subject to market forces; how much you'll pay is determined by how much demand there is for a particular time slot. Such reservations are granted on a "first come first served" basis, and some new york city golf tee times are in more demand than others. Saturday mornings are extremely popular, and may command greens fees that are twice those charged for a Tuesday afternoon, for example.

The other issue to be aware of is the fact that new york city golf tee times cannot usually be cancelled, and any fees you may have paid in advance are usually non-refundable. The exception is if inclement weather prevents play, in which case you'll need to contact the course or country club by telephone. If you cannot get a refund, you can at least have your new york city golf tee times changed.

You'll also want to do some comparison shopping when booking new york city golf tee times. These times vary from one location to another. Some courses and clubs offer more extras than others, and the fees themselves also vary - sometimes dramatically - from one course to another.

A number of these websites also require a credit card for confirmation of your reservation, although others accept payment at the time of arrival for the game.

Those who are planning a vacation or business trip in the NYC area and hope to play a few rounds may also wish to look into package deals that offer discounted lodging near golfing facilities.