How Do You Know What Is The Best Golf Driver For You?

by : Linda Tanner

There are many different manufacturers of golf drivers and everyone of those manufacturers would love to have their particular brand of driver in you golf bag. But, with all of those different choices of drivers out there, which one is the right one for you? There is no simple answer and if you were to ask ten different golfers as to which driver is the best, you would more than likely get at least five different answers.

Usually the best club for you has nothing to do with the brand of club. The best club for you is simply the one that works best for you. In other words, the guy who is swinging the club has to make the determination as to which club works the best for them. The best place to find this out is to go to a golf equipment store with a driving range and try out some of their different products. See which driver fits your hands the best and which feels the best to you. The different grips that are available can make a huge difference in the way the club feels to you.

Look At The Head

The head of the driver can make all of the difference in your game. Originally, the head of the driver was constructed of wood, but since has evolved into many different and lighter materials to increase club speed and increase driving distance. You need to look at not only the size of the head, but the material it is made of.

Composite materials are supposedly better as well as the size and angle of the clubface. You want to look at the angle to determine how much loft you will get off the tee shot. The higher degree of the angle of the clubface the more loft you will get on your shot.

Consider The Shaft

Look at what the shaft is made out of as well the length. You want to have a length that you will feel comfortable with. The legal length for most drivers is between 40 and 48 inches if you want to be in line with USGA rules. You want something that will not break but that will have enough give to allow for some swing in your swing. Most shafts today are primarily made out of graphite as this material allows for greater club speed which will increase force, which should essentially increase the length of your drive.

Consider all aspects of your driver in order to not only maintain your game, but to continue to improve. You want to choose the driver that is best for you, not necessarily the club that is the most money. The "best" may not be the best club for you.