A Quick Putting Warmup

by : Darell C Mckissick

How many times have you gotten to the course with just a few minutes left til your tee time. You rush into pay, then if your lucky over to the range to hit a few balls. Maybe, you go to the green for about two minutes, then race off to the tee.

That is no way to start a round of golf. But if you only have five minutes to warm up, oh well...

When you are pressed and only have a couple of minutes on the green, the first thing you have to do is realize that spending that time hitting as many putts as you can will only throw your rythm off once you get on the course.

Instead, take your time and hit maybe just a few good putts, putting in maximum effort on each. Including a read of the putt. Hit them just as you would on the course. Go through your entire routine and establish a rhythm for the day before you even get to the first tee.

Over the course of a round, the vast majority of the putts you face will be less than twenty feet. You should keep your "warmup" putts within that distance as well.

You should hit some of them on a level part of the green, some uphill, and some downhill. Of course, if you have more time, use it for sure. But the main thing to keep in mind if you are pressed for time before teeing off is to work on establishing your putting rhythm with the precious time you do have.

The key when time is short is to slow down and make each warmup putt or shot on the range you do get to hit as useful as possible. You can do this by working to establish your rhythm making a few quality golf shots instead of a bunch of miserable ones.