Florida Golf Hints To Help Relax

by : Phoenix Delray

Florida golf schools enable vacation goers to clear their mind, while practicing their swing. Playing golf is a great way to clear your psyche of stress and anxiety, especially is you are playing on oceanfront courses at Florida golf schools. One important thing to keep in mind at Florida golf schools when attempting to clear and relax your mind and body is to breathe while playing.

If you are a competitive person who tends to become wrapped up in the game, it is imperative that you learn to keep off stress by breathing and clearing your mind throughout your game. Once the breathing is very low in your body practice keeping it there for four or five breaths. Then let it gradually come back up. If you practice this exercise, one hundred to one hundred and fifty times you will begin to find that the breathing begins to anticipate your lowered center of breathing and your breathing will automatically drop on the second or third breath.

When this happens, you have learned the ability of using the short form of step breathing. The short form of step breathing utilizes this learned reaction and allows you to become fully centered using only two or three breaths. On the course, or even in practice, you will need to use this short form of step breathing so that you can quickly get centered and ready to take the swing or the putt. It is also a useful tool to take back to the workplace with you.

This method will increase overall concentration and relaxation. One of the most effective changes that a golfer can bring into his or her game is called step breathing. You can begin to learn step breathing at your own house while preparing for your trip at Florida. You simply sit in a comfortable chair and imagine a side view of a set of stairs. When each stair drops down, this is your exhale. When the stair is flat, and horizontal to the ground, this is your inhale. In normal breathing, your breath in and out and never move lower in your body.

If you were to graph a normal breath, it would be a U shaped curve. It would go down on your exhale and back up on you inhale. Your breathing would be one long line of U shaped curves. This is fine for taking in oxygen, but not very effective for centering your mind and body to maximize your golf. You continue your training by practicing lowering your center of breathing from high in your chest, near your throat, down to your lowest point in your stomach.

Remember the exhales are when you drop a little further down and the inhales are the flat part of the step. On the inhale, you do not go down, but you also do not go up, as in a normal breath. The benefits are that you can give yourself a solid, focused mental and physical place from which to hit your shots or make even the longer putts, you have a time to find the best level of mental arousal, and you gain more control over your playing tempo.

Another advantage of taking the time and centering yourself with step breathing is that it places a nice dividing line between the thinking part of your golf swing and the hitting part.