Exercises to Warm Up Before Golf

by : David Webster

Many golfers know or have had an injury while playing golf this can range from sore muscles to something more serious, even problems that in the end require surgery. Golf just as with any sport there is exercises that should be used to warm up before a golfer goes out on to the course to help stretch, warm the muscles and limber the body. Warming up before golf no only helps to avoid injury but all can help improve your game as your body is warmed up unlike the non exerciser whose muscles are not warmed up and do not move as easily.
One exercise that is good to do will increase the blood flow going to your shoulders and arms. This in effect will keep you from injuring the muscles and it will also improve your golf swing, which in the end will improve your game. For this exercise you hold your arms straight out and slowly rotate them in circles making the circles wider as you warm up, this type of exercise is a range of motion exercise, and is used to limber muscles up and blood flow to the arms.
Another is the simple squat exercise, with your feet apart and back straight slowly bend at the knees, for the golfer or anyone who need to stabilize them self while they do squats you hold you golf club in from of you or it could actually be an object such as a broom or a cane. Bend with the knees and not with the hips, lower about half way to the ground, then raise again, these are usually done in sets of fifteen. This will increase your blood flow to the entire body; it will also increase the ability to move smoothly, the hips with work better with your upper body.
The side lunge is also a good warm up exercise, for this with your feet apart you been the top half of the body to one side, until you feel a slight tightening in the opposite leg from the bend. These lunges are done in reps of fifteen on each side, and will help to warm up the body along with helping things like your back swing.
With these few exercises to warm up before your golf game it will not only help to warm your body and create more blood flow but it will also help your game because these exercises help to limber the muscles and relax the body. It can also help to keep from injuring muscles in the body. Once you've got your exercises sorted its time to book your golf holiday. Foxhills Golf Club in the UK is very popular as are Matfen Hall and Bidford Grange.