What Women Should Look For When Considering Golf Club Sets

by : Nazima Golamaully

An increasing number of women are now playing golf and manufacturers are beginning to realize this and target women golfers specifically in their advertising campaigns. This previously untapped market has mushroomed in recent years and is no longer dominated by men golfers. Suddenly, it is extremely lucrative for sellers to focus on selling womens golf apparel and even womens golf club sets.

Male golf enthusiasts have always known that their game can be highly improved by the proper golf club sets but what should women look for when choosing their own set?

See a professional golf club fitter

A professional golf club fitter will be able to steer you towards the set which is right for you. They will guide you in your choice and can advise you on what to look for. There are several areas which should be taken into consideration when choosing golf club sets.

The cheapest thing in a womans golf club set is your grip. This is determined by the size of your hands. Grips have a tendency to harden, get slick, oxidize, and then lose their hold as time goes by. Therefore, the safest option is to buy the highest quality grip with a greater than normal longevity. This way when you do not change your grip regularly, you will still have good grips.

Golf club sets need to be maintained just like a car needs the oil changing regularly. It is recommended to change your grip every 3000 rounds or six months. This will have a positive effect on your game.

The length of your golf club sets is also an important consideration. This will affect both comfort and swing momentum. The longer the golf club the further the ball will travel, but the tradeoff is that it will then be very difficult to control. Beginners should find the right length that is proportionate to their height and the distance between their wrist and the ground when in an astride position.

Finally look at the flex. Stiffer shafts are usually better for stronger hitting golfers. The professional golf fitter will need to assess the strength of your swing.

As you get older you may need to change from steel golf clubs to those made from graphite. Do bear in mind that some fitters will be motivated by commission rather than what is best for you. Trust your judgement and instinct when meeting with a fitter.

Do not be fooled into paying for very expensive golf club sets. Expensive equipment does not equal better playing. Consult an expert fitter and be reassured of leaving with the perfect golf club set for you.