The Most Basic Of Golf Equipment - Golf Balls

by : Kenneth Scott

Regardless of how good a golfer an individual is, he or she will not be able to play the golf game without golf balls. While it is obvious that golfers need to have balls in order to play, many questions may come up regarding what type of golf balls are best.

This can be a tricky subject because it really depends on the tastes of the individual golfer, including what he or she expects from a golf ball and how much money he or she can put toward buying the balls. Some golfers will play only with one brand of ball, no matter what. They will simply refuse to play with any other brand of golf ball. They do not consider the cost of the balls at all because they must have this certain brand or they will not play. This represents a rather extreme view, however.

Beginners to the golf game should forget anything they might have heard about brands or types of balls because they are going to lose a lot of their balls while learning the game. Beginners should buy balls that are sold in bulk, about 50 balls to a bag. These are generally recycled balls that have been found on courses. These used balls are generally brand name balls, but it does not really matter. Beginning golfers need to learn how to hit the ball straight and out of the woods, so they will go through hundreds of balls before they get the hang of it. They should buy balls in bulk.

As golfers improve in the game, they can move up to a better grade of golf ball. This does not mean they should visit the nearly supply facility and purchase the most costly ball available. They should think balance the price of the ball with their skill level. If a player tends to slice the ball or hits the top of the ball with the club, he or she should stick with cheaper balls not the recycled ones, but new and inexpensive ones.

Theoretically, a player improves by playing more, and the more he or she plays, the better he or she gets. As their skill level rises, golfers can begin to experiment with different brands of balls to determine which types they like best. Golfers should think about the type of course they will use the balls on as well.