Help Choosing Door and Window Hardware

by : Ali Arnold

Who would be the best person to help you find suitable fixtures and fittings for doors and windows?

Architects are trained to create designs that are structurally sound, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. They also often have a basis knowledge of construction materials, though not the detailed knowledge required when choosing appropriate hardware.

Interior designers specialize in the decorating and furnishing of rooms and can offer fresh, innovative ideas and advice, but will be concentrating on the appearance rather than how the fittings work.Maybe a blacksmith or metal worker would be the person to ask.. No, a joiner is the best person to give advise.

Joiners understand what is needed, they have made doors and windows and know how big a hinge would be needed to hold the weight of a solid oak door, or which lock would fit properly and safely in rebated french windows.

Advise is often needed as good quality hardware can be expensive. You need to get the right thing, before cutting holes in your precious doors and windows.Architectural Ironmongery Ltd is run by trained joiners with over getting on for 90 years of joinery knowledge and experience between the three of them. They are happy to discuss restoration projects with their customers, giving advise when necessary. The retail and mail order business is based in Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, England, but ships world wide and has a huge amount and variety of hardware in stock.