Mexican Ochoa Wins in Singapore Her First Title of the Year

by : Stephen Lars

The Mexican golfer Lorena Ochoa, world's number one showed her control of the game this Sunday by winning the Singapore Tournament on the female American circuit with eleven points of advantage over the second classified, the Swedish Annika Sorenstam.

Ochoa shown outstanding level along the four days in the Asian city finishing in the first position every day and arriving to Sunday with a record of 68 blows, four below par, with an accumulative total of 268, 20 below par.

Ochoa had a fantastic week, only making three or four errors and was very wise near the holes, having an excellent level of play. Lorena came to Singapore to win and she did; she knew that she could achieve it as she trusts a lot her game and knows this year will be very good to improve her skills.

The razor-sharp Mexican who lit up in Singapore commented that although she did not want to make mistakes and wanted to win for more than eight blows; she feels very happy with her efforts.

Lorena Ochoa who is considered one of the most accomplished sport figures in her country; made her debut during the 2003 season, but was not until 2006 when she began to be outlined like the best world's female golfer. That same year she won in six different occasions; adding her eight title just recently in 2007 as well as her new position in the world rankings as number one and the best golfer in the planet.

The Mexican was the only golfer that completed the journey through in less than 70 blows in the four days of competition no doubt that it is a totally different level than the one she showed in the two first tournaments of the year in the LPGA Circuit in Hawaii.

Singapore's victory means a triumph of a big prize of 300.000 dollars. In the meantime, Sorenstam tried to reach the disadvantage, but could not do anything against the Mexican and finished Sunday with 71 blows (one below par), with what adds 279, two in front of the third classified in Singapore, the American Paula Creamer (281). The Swedish golfer has tried to come back to the high rankings and leave the wounds and problems suffered during previous years behind.

The fourth place was for the American Laura Diez, while the Australian rookie Krrie Webb finished fifth. The Singapore champions' tournament met the winners of the large appointments of the three last seasons, as well as the winners of 2007 in the LPGA circuit and to other winners in world-class competitions.