Get To Know How To Handle Golf Information?

by : Ranju Kumar

How to find and incorporate the best golf information for your game.

There are mountains of golf information available. As far back as the turn of the century, golfers wanted tips and techniques, and many golf professionals and authors were happy to oblige.

You need to assess the quality of information. Have you been recommended by someone who has tried it, can the method be demonstrated and shown to be used by top professionals?

Is the information given in sequence? The information needs to come in a logical step by step sequence. If you try a move in the downswing with mistakes in the backswing and stance, it is unlikely that move will work. If you don't have a good impact position when you chip, it will be more difficult to achieve that when you pitch or make a full swing.

Can you understand the information whether in written form, video or in person?

If you don't understand something or you don't think it is working for you, ask questions. If you feel you are getting overloaded, just master one thing before you go on to the next.

You need some detail about what you are learning so you understand why and how the process works. Keeping it simple does not necessarily make it easy to execute if it is incomplete. So it is necessary to know the principles, but the goal is simplicity and unconscious thought in the motion.

How practical is the information?
Practice makes you perfect, so are there drills, positions, movements to copy so you can learn?

How are you going to get feedback about what you are learning?
The ultimate test is how your shots improve in practice or on the course. Have you got a way of recording and assessing the information?

You can get observations from a coach who can analyze video and help you into the right positions.

You can practice in front of a mirror with a swing sequence taped to it. You can use your own video and even download to a computer. You can use a launch monitor program on your own computer. Even get a golf simulator, which is great where you can't play in winter.

Whatever path you choose it will take some commitment on your part, even if it is only 10 minutes every second day. Even this small amount of worthwhile practice is better than aimlessly hitting balls hoping you will discover the secret.

Improving your golf will take an investment of time and money. You can try and find out by yourself or buy other people's experience and shortcuts.