3 Minute Exercises For Golfers Program For Longer Drives

by : Mike Pedersen

Exercisees specific to golfers is one of the surest ways to hit longer drives. After all, it's your body that swings the club, not the other way around.

Strong Core

Your core (middle part of your body commonly known as your abdominals) dictates how much power you will produce in your golf swing.

More specifically, your core strength and flexibility from a rotational aspect. Because your golf swing is a turn back and a turn through, you must have a sufficient level of both strength and flexibility specific to the rotations in your golf swing.

Because the core is the engine to your swing, you should spend the most time in your golf exercise progam on your core.

Use Dumbbells, Balls And Tubing

The great thing about exercises that are specific to your golf swing is that you can do them in your home with little equipment. In fact for under $50 you can have your very own golf fitness gym that will transform your golf swing.

Dumbbells are great because they are both inexpensive and portable. They take up minimal space in your home, and yet can give enough resistance on your golf muscles to allow them to get stronger producer more power in your swing quickly.

When I say balls, I'm referring to stability balls and weighted medicine balls. Stability balls are great because they provide an unstable environment that not only helps your stabilizing muscles get stronger, but will help you better control your golf club during your round. The weighted medicine balls are fantastic for core rotational exercises. You can do many exercises right in your golf posture, or you can use them in conjunction with your stability ball.

The tubing I'm referring to must have handles. This is critical! The handles makes it easier for you to perform many golf swing exercises that will strengthen your golf muscles very, very specific to your swing.

I use tubing when I travel since it weighs less than a pound and can store easily in my suitcase. I get to the hotel room, hook up my tubing and away I go. You can easily do the same thing.

Focus On Flexibility

With many older golfers, they have limitations that restrict their golf swing. These restrictions rob the golfer of power, distance and even consistency.

By working on golf-specific stretching exercises, a golfer can see amazing results in their distance. Sometimes adding as much as 30 yards to their drives is not uncommon.

Like mentioned above, rotational stretching will give you the biggest bang for your buck by far. You will soon be making a full backswing and a full follow through with minimal tension and maximum power.

So I hope you can see, exercises for your golf game are a must and if you ignore this well-known fact, you can wish and dream for a better game but it's not going to happen.