Using Golf Rules Effectively

by : Jim Brown

Anybody can learn to play golf because there are golf courses strategically placed all over the world. Playing golf by the rules established by the United States Golf Association might take some time to learn because there is a required reading list within those rules that pertain to every part of the game of golf and these rules should be read and understood in their entirety before a golfer buys anything.

New golfers might not know how to use the rule book from the United States Golf Association to their best advantage. They might not know if they should learn the definitions to the game of golf first so that they can understand what the rule book says or if they should learn about the various specifications for each piece of golfing equipment that they will use in a friendly game of golf anywhere in the world.

Any golfer knows that there is a certain etiquette used to play the game of golf. The game has been around for a very long time and gentlemen have refined the rules to ensure that pure enjoyment comes from playing even if the game does get quite competitive on the professional golfing circuit. A new golfer might want to learn about the clubs, irons, and most certainly the ball.

The rules of the United States Golf Association will help a new golfer learn all about responsibilities. The player is responsible for using the right equipment, practicing golf to achieve a definitive purpose, and learning the game well so that they can one day offer some valuable advice to another golfer that is new to the game. New golfers know too well about the jokes played on newbie's because everyone laughs about them in the clubhouse after a day on the golf course is finished.

To effectively use the rules of golf, a golfer must learn about the order of play and how to identify their own ball among many on the golf course or even in a pond or a lake. Most new players will learn very quickly about the difference between hitting a golf ball and striking it and they will most certainly learn about marking a ball so that play on the course can continue.

Some new golfers seem content to stay on the putting green for the better part of a morning until they realize that there are rules about the usage of putting greens and the various fees for use that are applied because someone chose to putt for an extended period of time. It might have been cheaper for the golfer to practice on a driving range for a morning or two until they got their golf game under control and knew how to determine which way the wind blew.