Selecting the Best Golf Clubs for Beginners

by : Verlyn Ross

Selecting The Best Golf Clubs For Beginner

There are a number of conflicting considerations here. When you are first starting out with golf, you will want to have equipment that is geared as much towards your skill level as possible. On the other hand, your golf clubs should be good enough that it will not discourage you from learning the game. It is also important for you to understand that your golf clubs should be affordable. So, a good set of clubs for beginners might be an inexpensive used set composed of a few irons, wedges, putter and a 3 wood.

Choosing The Best Sized Clubs To Play With

When starting out, most golf players tend to play using shorter sized clubs. Both men and women seem to have a tough time trying to master shots when using longer irons. The same goes for using fairway woods.

There is a simple reason why this happens. It is about control. The shorter the golf club, the better control you have. Smaller sized golf clubs are easier to control. With a shorter club, you are able to have a better sense of where the club is at during the swing, and exactly what it's doing.

More specifically, the sense of control can be attributed to the shorter clubs offering a more tight and a steeper swing arc. Adding a few more inches to the length of the club, as with the long irons, requires a more pronounced arc sweep. It is much more difficult to get a handle on the club movement.

Mastering Longer Clubs

As a beginner, you can choose to golf with short clubs or you can begin the process of mastering the longer golf clubs. If you opt to go for the latter, you will probably make far more mistakes initially. But, you will also likely advance in your golf game much faster.

With longer clubs, your swing arc should be shallow and a bit longer. It is important to keep your clubhead low to the ground when pulling back and avoid hitting the ball too aggressively. Instead, the club motion should be smooth and sweeping. Certainly, developing a smooth tempo and a graceful swing is important in order to have the best control possible.

Another consideration - move the ball farther up within your stance, than you would when playing with a short or middle iron. By positioning the ball 1 or 2 inches back, you allow more room for the longer shaft and for the wide swing arc of the club.

You should remember that when you are first learning to play, the challenges that you will encounter will primarily come from your swing, and not from the clubs you choose, even if the clubs are not the most appropriate choice for you..