Golf Mental Training

by : Munya Chinongoza

So you are looking for golf mental training aids, huh? The game of golf is not as easy as it appears to be when you watch Tiger Woods playing on TV. Not only does it require skill, it also requires the player to focus and have a lot of concentration as well. Lucky for the new and amateur golfer, there are some golf mental training aids that are available and can also be a useful addition to their traditional golf instruction and mental game practice.

However the decision of choosing one is not that easy there are many of them out there. The first training aid is called the Medicus 5-Iron. This golf tool makes you focus on your swing. Swing plane is said to be one of the most fundamental swing keys to hitting some good solid shots. If you have enough practice you will be able to measure your improvement.

Next up we have the laser trainer. What this invention does is that by slowly making swings and tracking the laser along a predefined swing path you can actually make a groove for your swing path. The overall premise of this training technique is sound.

If you are able to discipline your swing so that it will follow a prescribed path for your desired shot shape you really improve the entrainment process. To be able to do this you train your mind and it will eventually remember. You can get this laser aid at a very reasonable price. Remember one training aid does not help everyone so try a few out and you will soon have a better mental game.