Improve your Putting With Proper Alignment

by : Golf Gift

In golf, getting a good score depends on your putting skill, as this could probably well be the most important aspect in the game of golf. It would represent around 40 percent to 50 percent of your total score. There have studies conducted that if you could improve 10 percent in your putting would have a greater impact on your overall score compared to if you would be improve 10 percent on any other part of the game. You could not always depend on your swing to be able to get more greens in regulation. Therefore, good putting is vital in making your game better.

The most important thing to achieve before putting would be a proper body alignment. If you are planning to make your putts consistent, then your body must be accurately aligned along the proper line. Try to use the same analogy in driving a car that has misaligned tires. In the same way, in putting, if you would be aligning your body too far to the left or right, you would definitely be missing the putt.

Most golfers misalign and underestimate their putts. Some players use up as much as 32 putts out of the 36 putts that are allotted for each round. So a majority of golfers misalign as well as under-read their putts.

Good players use as many as 32 putts out of the allotted 36 putts per round. So, do not feel too bad that you do not have a perfect putting stroke. With the proper alignment and a lot of practice, you would surely be able to improve your putting. And if you are still having a hard time, you can just visit your local golf store and buy yourself some putting aids that would help you improve your body alignment.