All About Golf Game

by : Jonathon Hardcastle

The game of golf is no ordinary game. It is the only sport that has special attire that involves so many different clubs and the game that comes with accessories that outrun any other sport accessories. Golf asks for elegance and dignity. It makes you want to have a solid and bold character and personality that makes you stand out in the sports world. All sports have rules and these rules are necessary. But not all games have etiquettes but golf does. Golf etiquettes are no rules, they are mere manners or behavior of golfers that they need to be careful about when they enter the golf course, make their way through the game and finally step out of the golf course. These etiquettes, if followed can help a golfer play a perfect game.

The player should always try to arrive as early as possible on the course to have enough time to find out a few things. Not everyone can do that but it is very convenient if you can grab hold of a caddie. These caddies can be of great support and help to you. They not carry your clubs they can provide you with guidelines, they can give you pointers. They can give you tips that you may be ignoring while you play. They can do readings for you and so on. It's always good to have someone by your side to support your game.

Why you need to arrive early is because it can give you time to check the score boards, because courses may have different rules of scoring and if you don't already know that it can have a bad affect on your game. You can simply roam about and mingle up with the other players, have small talk so that you feel comfortable with the opponents.

Something very important before you start your game is that you get a proper warm up. You should at least give half an hour to 15 minutes to warming up. This little exercise before golf or any other games is very important. It gives you confidence and makes you feel at ease. You get to feel that you are ready to play otherwise you will probably feel stiff and uncomfortable and your swings will definitely disappoint you.

You should always play heartily, never be rigid. Never offend your opponent. Stay calm and never leave a bad impression on the other players. Take care of the tee and never leave prints and even if you do make a mark; remove it before leaving. Encourage others, watch your steps, plan ahead and play for fun and enjoy!