Great and Affordable Golf Gifts for Holidays

by : Kelly Larsen

Every year around November I start dreading the onslaught of the holiday season. We are all so overrun with extraneous stuff in our lives that I can never bring myself to spend the money and energy to impose more unnecessary stuff on the people in my life. In years past, I have been known to skip the whole thing rather than give gifts that will be forgotten or thrown away shortly after the holidays end. Don't get me wrong, I love giving gifts to my friends and family however, it is important to be giving things that will enhance their lives well past the day they open the package. This is where the real dilemma comes in for me and most people trying to find the perfect gifts this time of year. We are all constrained by time, money and trying to find the right gift for a population of people that have so much to begin with!

This year, my theme is the gift of fitness and fun with an emphasis on getting outdoors, being with friends, having a low impact workout and learning a new game! To accomplish this goal, I have chosen the sport of disc golf to challenge and inspire my loved ones this holiday season. What better way to work off the holiday dinner than to play a round of disc golf at your favorite local park? Everyone on my list is getting the Innova Disc Golf Box Set for an amazingly reasonable price of $23.99 a set. This is a great starter set and introduces the new golfer to the sport of disc golf and it won't break your budget!

I found the gift set online at along with a list of disc golf courses in my area. There are gift sets and individual discs available for every level of play from this truly unique store. I wasn't really sure what to pick out so I called the friendly staff at the Wright Life and their experience and knowledge put me on the right track to picking out the perfect gift set for my budget and introducing the best products the sport has to offer. Long after my friends and family learn to play, the Innova discs they received will continue to work well for their game. I feel confident I have chosen a gift that will continue to be enjoyed long after the holidays end.

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