The Golf Club - Basic Information Every Golfer Should Know!

by : Abhishek Agarwal

The basic equipment and a sound knowledge of that equipment is need by every new golf player. Getting all the information and knowledge about the game and rules involved in it makes the game and environment more interesting. By knowing all the essential things about the game, you might become a good player.

The thing which is to be learnt in the beginning is about the golf club, and then a player will understand how the ball swings and how the is game affected by each and every part of golf club. For new players who need information on golf clubs here are some vital information about the clubs.

Set of standard clubs: Golf is a game in which a ball is hit with the help of a long stick called a club. Golf clubs involves three of the components i.e. shaft, grip and the head. Club makers a standard piece of rules and they cannot alter the design or cannot change it completely how so ever that increases efficiency as compared to the other. But what they can do is to introduce new technology and that technology is used by all club makers and that is improving a lot day by day.

The clubs are created to allow players to struck the ball at longer distance and in a straight line. Set of clubs that are standard include 3 wood clubs, a putter and 8 clubs made of iron that makes a total of 12 clubs. A player is allowed to take up to fourteen clubs , so extra putter can be carried always that is made either of wood or iron.

Wooden club: A wooden club is often used to strike the ball at longer distances .the of the tee is usually used for many holes. also when a player is over 175 yards that is quiet away from the given hole that is green. the club driver is pretty well known as the one wood. With this type of stick you can strike the ball at longer distance. a player generally carries three or five woods as in the set in which clubs are placed. All of these clubs are used to hit balls at longer distances on the field .out of the 14 limit of the clubs a player can carry greater number of woods as a part of utility wood.

Wedges and iron : The clubs made up of iron are used for shorter distances usually till 200 yards or less. It depends on the player the closer he/she is to the pole the more often the player uses the iron club. Out of the 8 clubs made of iron a player is likely to use a range of 3 to 9 clubs of iron. a pitching wedge is also available for shots for short range. another name for specialty club of iron is wedge. A sand wedge is also available to get a player out of tricky shots e.g when ball goes into sand pit.