Deciding On A Golf Degree, Surprising Advantages

by : Andy West

Although you can get lessons at your local golf club, there are many reasons why you might want to pursue a golf degree at a professional golf academy. Even if you have no intention on going pro, you may be surprised at the advantages that such a program may confer.

The first advantage that a golf degree offers is time. Everyone today is concerned about making the best use of his or her time, and a serious approach to your golf game can offer you just that. Consider that when you go to your golf club you are there primarily for fun. You may sign up for lessons or instruction as well, but these lessons are not intensive and they only take place sporadically. In contrast, a golf academy places you in an intensive study environment. In just one week of instruction in this environment you can learn what it would take you months or even years to learn through the occasional lesson at your club. You can still have a fun time as you learn, but with an instructor helping you every step of the way, you improve rapidly and dramatically.

Of course, when you pursue a golf degree, you also save time and money at your local golf course. Since one week at a professional academy hones your game dramatically, you save money you would spend on occasional lessons at your course or club. One week in a professional learning environment can cost far less than years of occasional lessons and the results are much better. Once you have been studying golf seriously by pursuing a golf degree, you also reap the rewards on the green, not only in your enjoyment and proficiency at the game, but also in terms of time. With your golf game mastered, you can spend more time playing and less time fretting over decisions or missed chances on the course. You will be able to move through the course not only more confidently, but also at a better pace.

You certainly don't need to have aspirations of a professional career in the sport in order to benefit from a golf degree. Of course, if you do want a career in the sport, then professional instruction is a must. However, even if you only play from time to time, there are many benefits to getting serious about learning golf. One reason for professional instruction is that only professional help will get you past a certain stage in your game. Practice will help you improve your game, but only a professional can help you once you reach a certain level. If you have been improving steadily and have suddenly reached a stage where your game is not improving much, you have just unknowingly reached a danger zone.

When you hit a roadblock in improving your game, you may suddenly get frustrated and may be tempted to quit golfing entirely. In many cases, the problem is simple and can be quickly resolved with the help of professional instruction. You may have a few bad habits, for example, that make your drives inconsistent. If you simply stop playing or enjoying the game, you will have wasted all the time you invested in golfing to get to this stage. All the money you have spent on fees and equipment will be wasted, and, of course, you will lose the fresh air, exercise, and camaraderie you enjoy on the course. Rather than give up the game entirely or let a minor snag ruin your fun, professional instruction is the ideal answer. A professional instructor can breathe life into your game, help you over the hump and can help you infuse your game with a new sense of enjoyment.