New and Used Golf Balls

by : Suzie Smith

The game of golf can be an expensive hobby when you are first starting out. However, new golf clubs, golf bag, and even clothes and shoes can last for years without you needing to replace them. But for golfs most needed accessory, the golf ball, the price of replacing new golf balls is a costly and reoccurring expense that is unavoidable.

All golf courses are full of areas that are designed to swallow up golf balls like water and sand and tall grass. Many golfers look for ways to save money on golf balls especially at fifty dollars a dozen for some new golf balls. It is no wonder you hear groans from most golfers as they helplessly watch one of their golf balls fly into water or get lost in the tall grass.

The cheapest way to save money on golf balls is, although not the easiest way, is to search the golf course for lost golf balls. Of course, this is very time consuming and makes for a slow game of golf if you do this whilst playing. Golf balls that are lost on the golf course are usually collected and sold in the pro shop, often for as little as fifty cents a piece. Large retailers and sporting goods stores also sell used golf balls which have been found, cleaned and re-packaged. These are usually moderately priced. Of course, one disadvantage of buying pre-owned golf balls from the pro shop or retail store is that different makes or models of golf balls may be mixed in the packs and different brands have different playing characteristics.

There are many brands of new golf balls on the market that represent very good value for money and can cost as little as ten dollars a dozen. These less expensive golf balls are likely to work just as well for you as their more expensive partners.

Golf balls that have more spin and are softer tend to be the more expensive models. The golf ball industry produces new makes and models every year. So look out for the 'end-of-season' clearance sales. Most newly manufactured golf balls will not differ greatly in their performance than their predecessors, it is usually the style that changes. So 'last seasons' golf balls will be sold at huge discounts. It may be possible to purchase golf balls that were originally say thirty dollars a dozen for as little as ten dollars.

Discount golf balls are available everywhere, so keep your eyes and ears open and when you find a good deal make sure you stock up while you have the chance. You will save money and have a supply of golf balls that will last you for a long time. Unless like me you have a liking for the water or the tall grass!

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