Used Golf Clubs - A Solution or A Problem?

by : Martin Haworth

To be honest, if you find somewhere with a great set of clubs that have limited wear and the seller is reputable and professional about it, there is little chance that they will let you down.

In fact and perhaps especially if you are looking for a branded set, used golf clubs could well be a bargain and let you taste the good life for a fraction of the price you would pay for brand new.

Like buying a used car, it's important that you take note of a few things before you buy. No-one wants to have to fork out for the equivalent a new engine just after making the deal of the decade. And with the great deal that you can probably get with them, it's unlikely you will get a warranty that lasts for a year or more!

There are a few issues you need to consider as you make your purchase - it's better to investigate everything that's important about your used golf clubs now, rather than end up crying about it a few months down the track.

So, what do you need to consider then? Apart from trying to buy them from somewhere that you trust, with someone there who can advise you on the clubs' suitability for you personally, there are a few things that you own due diligence should be on the lookout for:-

1) Check the grips to ensure that there is no real wear. Of course a little wear on used golf clubs is acceptable. If there is more than the minimum and the grips are smoothing out, the clubs might still be a good buy, as long as you factor in the costs of regripping, which is generally quite low compared to the bargain price you might be getting.

2) The other thing to consider carefully about the grips on used golf clubs is whether they are loose at all. With some wear it's possible that they can deteriorate, so check this out too.

3) Have a good look at where the club head is attached to the shaft. If any of your set of used golf clubs show any signs of cracking at that critical point, be very wary. A crack here, however small, can easily turn into something much worse and that might be expensive to fix.

4) General wear and tear. Like buying a used car, the overall impression of the used golf clubs in your sights, is an indication of how they have been treated. A visual inspection can't show everything up, so if they have been treated in such a way as to give you concern, there might be hidden faults that could only show up later.

Buying used is usually really good value and there is no doubt that you can get a great set for just a tiny proportion of the real off-the-shelf brand new cost.

As long as you have taken a little time to check out the possible problems, you should have little difficulty in getting yourself a good set of used golf clubs.

With luck, they will last you for a good length of time, as well as giving you the opportunity to experience a very good brand indeed, which might have been impossible if you had needed to buy them new.