Phoenix Golf Courses

by : Jonathan Blocker

Golfing in the Phoenix sunshine makes it a suitable year-round activity for the whole family. You can book Phoenix city golf tee times easily online. You will also see offers for discount Phoenix golf, so that it will be easy for you to enjoy your favorite game often. The game of golf comes with its own jargon, and understanding a bit of that lexicon can make the game much easier to understand.

There are many specific terms for the wide variety of poor shots, for example. A chili dip happens when a golfer chips too short. A wormburner or groundhog killer is a shot when the ball is hit low across the ground, which can cause it to bounce quickly along the surface. If you want to break the rules you might do a foot wedge, when you kick your ball into a better spot. You'll get quite embarrassed if you miss the ball entirely after you swing at it. This event can be called a whiff shot.

If you are new to the game of golf, you might hear more experienced and even professional players using some different terms. A bandit is a player who has a high handicap but plays better than you would expect. After a stroke is taken toward the green, you might hear a golfer say bit, or take a seat, meaning that they want the ball to stop or slow. Not surprisingly, a putting green can also be called the dance floor, and the rough can go by the names of jungle, brillo, or bundi. If a golfer makes a shot where the ball speeds past the hole instead of going in, they call that a taxi.

You can try out all of these useful and colorful words on any of the glorious golf courses that Phoenix has to offer. If you want a challenging day out on the course, head over to Superstition Springs Golf Club. Golfweek Magazine has named it to a list of America's Best Golf Courses, and it offers a number of unique hazards, including water features, large bunkers, and a great deal of rolling ground, adding to both the fun and beauty of this lovely golf course. On the other hand, if Arnold Palmer is one of your golfing heroes, you will not want to miss an opportunity to play at the course that the great man himself designed, the Legend at Arrowhead. Interesting topography is featured at the Glen Lakes Golf Course. It includes pine and palm trees, with the addition of three pristine lakes, that come into play as you travel about this fabulous nine-hole executive course. All of these golf courses and more await you in Phoenix.