The Golfing Experience in Orange County

by : Jonathan Blocker

Casta Del Sol, Coyote Hills, Diamond Bar, Lake Forest, Meadowlark, and Rancho San Joaquin are all words that golfers in Orange County love to hear, because they are the names of some of the best golf courses in the area. When you are looking for Orange County tee times, golf enthusiasts know that these great courses offer a wide range of OC tee times so that you can golf to your heart's content. Discount tee times in CA are widely available at these fine Orange County golf courses as well, so you can play often.
When you go out for a day of golf, you will want to make sure that you have all of the proper golf equipment with you in order to enjoy the day more. Golf clubs are all important. The most you can take out with you are fourteen clubs, and you will usually want a selection of woods, irons and putters. Another crucial item of equipment to bring along is enough golf balls. Amazingly, the 300 to 400 dimples on a golf ball are there to improve the aerodynamics of the ball. Today some modern golf balls use a new radio-frequency identification tag that lets golfers use a handheld homing device to find those out of the way shots. Golf tees help keep the ball propped up and can be made out of plastic or wood. You will also want to carry some ball markers to mark where your ball was on the green if you need to pick it up.
You will likely use a golf cart when you go out for a day on any of the wonderful Orange County golf courses. If you play at the Coyote Hills Country Club in Fullerton, they offer golf carts with a GPS system because the course is located on approximately 250 acres of scenic land.
Comfortable golf shoes that come with different types of spikes in the soles will make your day of golf much more pleasurable, as will a good pair of golf gloves so that you don't get blisters from playing. You will want to play a lot in Orange County, especially at the Diamond Bar Golf Course, where the long layout containing wide fairways will make for a great game on this eighteen-hole championship golf course.
Playing golf at night is a great way to unwind after work, and at the David L. Baker Golf Course in Fountain Valley you may do so, thanks to the night lighting that they use there. It also offers six lakes and bunkers for your golfing enjoyment.
Having the right equipment with you when you visit these spectacular golf courses will help ensure that you have a wonderful experience.